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Horeya Farghaly Opens Up about Treatment Journey in US

Wed 05 May 2021 | 01:16 PM
Yara Sameh

Egyptian actress, Horeya Farghaly opened on Tuesday about her treatment journey in the United States, which she embarked on in early February.

The actress returned to Egypt days ago after the success of the four surgeries she underwent on her nose.

She underwent several unsuccessful nose surgeries on her nose after it was broken due to falling from the horse while training in equestrian sport nine years ago. The failure of the operations led Farghaly to face many health problems, including difficulty in breathing, a change in features to a large degree, and psychological problems, which pushed her to depression.

In a phone-in to the TV show “Hadrat Al Mowaten”, Farghaly expressed her happiness for her features returning to normal after undergoing many plastic surgeries on her nose.

“I re-born. My treating doctor assured me and told me to return to the US again in August to be reassured. He is afraid of any infection, but he advised me to resume my life normally” she added.

Farghaly continued: "My voice will gradually return to normal. There are no side effects to the surgeries I underwent. I have been having hearing problems lately, but praise to God, the situation has improved,".


In a phone-in with "Al Shams" TV channel, she stated that her treatment journey extended to many countries, such as France, Austria, Britain, Sweden, Denmark, until she reached the US.

Farghaly added that she was told that her operation is very difficult because of the many operations she underwent.

"I underwent 11 operations before I went to the US, the number of operations, which of course made the situation sourer. The doctor told me that I had to stay there for 4 months because I did the operation at 4 levels" she noted.

Farghaly continued: “I took oxygen sessions daily during the four months because the blood did not go to the nostril. The first operation took about 11 hours and was very painful, and the two afterward were fine, and the fourth one had me going to the hospital several times due to lack of veins in my body. ”