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Horeya Farghaly in Her First Appearance after Success of Nose Surgeries

Fri 30 Apr 2021 | 09:33 AM
Yara Sameh

Egyptian actress, Horeya Farghaly shared Thursday on social media a first look at the aftermath of the success of the four nose surgeries she underwent in the US to improve the breathing problem that she was suffering from recently.

The photo featured Farghaly's nose in its previous condition before she began her painful surgical path.

The actress will return to Cairo next Sunday.

Farghaly was born in 1976 and won the Miss Egypt title in 2002. She began acting in 2010 and starred in many TV series and movies.

In 2016, She began her painful surgical path after her nose was broken nose and faced many health issues after a failed operation, including loss of smell, taste, and inability to breathe.

الفنانة المصرية، حورية فرغلي

The actress traveled to the USA in early February and was told that she would undergo three surgeries.

The first surgery would be the deduction of bones from her chest, the second surgery would be building bones in the area of the nose, the third and final will be 20 days after the second surgery, which will be rehabilitating Farghaly by directly placing the bones in the correct place so that it would return to normal shape.

The actress was later told that she was required to undergo another one.

Farghaly previously expressed her longing to resume acting, which was put on hold in the aftermath of the surgical operation and its complications.

The actress added that she wanted to participate in the Ramadan drama marathon and shared her hopes of starring in one of the TV series that will compete in Ramadan 2022.