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Horeya Farghaly Details Upcoming Surgery

Thu 13 May 2021 | 03:33 PM
Yara Sameh

Egyptian actress, Horeya Farghaly revealed Wednesday the details of her upcoming surgical procedure she will undergo in the United States soon.

In a press statement, Farghaly stated that she will travel again to the USA for a final medical examination of her new nasal bones and to undergo the final operation to widen the nostrils, if requires by the medical team.

The actress stated that she was in the recovery phase and reducing the swelling that resulted from the surgery.

Farghaly thanked the Egyptian government for checking on her since her appeal to the media and granting her visa to travel to USA despite the Coronavirus travel ban.

The actress had previously undergo several unsuccessful nose surgeries on her nose after it was broken due to falling from the horse while training in equestrian sport nine years ago.

The failure of the operations led Farghaly to face many health problems, including difficulty in breathing, a change in features to a large degree, and psychological problems, which pushed her to depression.

She stated that her treatment journey extended to many countries, such as France, Austria, Britain, Sweden, Denmark, until she reached the US.

Farghaly will travel to the USA in August.