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Hilarious, Unforgettable Stories About Mother’s Day Gifts

Fri 06 Mar 2020 | 01:35 AM
Pasant Elzaitony

Gifts are a pleasant and beautiful thing, and some details must be taken into account, for it to remain so.

The gift must remain a messenger of love as well as a means of expression, and we in Egypt are famous for our of expressing our feelings.

The Prophet (Peace be upon him) said: "تهادوا تحابوا", which means, giving gifts to each other is a declaration of your love for one other, and for whom we will initiate love and send joy, then to the most important and greatest, our mothers.

But over time, people have experienced situations that may be hilarious and some may be strange, however, it will never be unforgettable.

I remember when I was a young girl and loved roses very much. I saved my allowance for a week to get my beloved mother a gift, at the time China was not flooding us with its endless products and gifts. I went to the nearest store and fell in love with a large closed colorful carton box that had very beautiful flowers on it and was transparent in the middle, which showed four pieces of toffee. I bought it, feeling proud, I presented it to my mother, believing that it would be filled with toffee. However, after my mother opened it, I was surprised to discover that it was filled with paper and contained not more than four toffees!!

*Message Received

Teach your children to exchange gifts with their families. That idea popped into the mind of writer and storyteller, Dr. Azza Badr, who found that it was time to teach her little girl about giving and expressing her feelings, even with a symbolic gift.

She came up with the idea at dinner, telling her husband and daughter jokingly but with an impassive facial expression: “Tomorrow is Mother's Day and those who will not give a gift will not sleep at home.”

Then, she smiled, after realizing that the message was delivered, which was wanting her husband and daughter to think about saying thank you and to expresses it with a gift, even if symbolic, to teach the girl that love is the art of giving and receiving.

* Mother-in-law's gift spoiled marriage

Your mother might not get upset with you if you fell short in your gift-giving, but any advice, do not do the same with your mother-in-law, because it would produce a behavioral change in her attitude if you overlooked her gift or did not care about it.

However, what was strange in this upcoming story was that it was the fiancé who got crossed, and got fed up with that family.

It all began after he and his fiancée went out to buy the popular gifts among the newly engaged, which was, a bag and shoes, however, when they returned to her home, they were met with a different reaction than what was in mind.

The fiancé, proud of the expensive gift he chose with his fiancée, was surprised by his future mother-in-law reaction to it, who had insisted on returning it.

“Did I not tell you to ask me before you buy anything,” she told her daughter.

The incident was the first nail to be hammered in the engagement coffin that did not last, albeit for this reason only; however, it was one of many incidents that made him marvel about this woman, their home, and her family, which made he discovered that they were not suitable for his simple lifestyle.

*Repeated gifts

Most mothers have the same complex from Mother's Day gifts especially if it came from their sons!

Girls often search for ways to get out of the box gifts or can be good at guessing their gifts.

However, for boys, they revolve around a closed circle to the point that two siblings bought the same mixer as a gift.

They were mind blown that they had bought the same gift while thinking the same thing, which was Ramadan is coming within weeks, and that it would help the mother in the kitchen!!


A gift is an expression of love and concern, and what is more important than that gift is how it is presented as well as how the way you think about your mother, which with appreciation and respect, especially, if it was accompanied by a small word that expresses gratitude and love.

Contributed by Yara Sameh