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Here's What Happen if You Drink Water on Empty Stomach

Sun 01 Mar 2020 | 02:57 PM
Yassmine Elsayed

Water is proving always to have new benefits; researchers are not yet done with exploring the magic of this important element of life.

Doctors always stress the need to drink it during different periods of the day because of its benefits to human health. But what about drinking water on an empty stomach?

According to the Bold Sky website, water helps to perform important functions in the body, such as waste disposal, maintaining body temperature and protecting tissues.

Here are 11 benefits of drinking water on an empty stomach, that is, immediately after waking up:

1- Contributes to weight loss: The body spends a certain amount of energy to heat cold water in the digestive system, which speeds up the metabolism, which will contribute to weight loss.

2- Fighting toxins: the body recovers during the night and gets rid of toxins and harmful substances, and when you drink water on an empty stomach, this helps the body get rid of those toxins.

3- Intestinal purification: Drinking water on empty stomach also helps to cleanse the intestine and strengthen the digestive system, as it prevents constipation and poor digestion.

4- Reducing calories: This habit leads to a feeling of satiety, which contributes to reducing calories. Therefore, it is recommended to drink water at least 30 minutes before breakfast.

5- Improving mental performance: Experts say that one cup after waking helps to enhance mental and cognitive functioning.

6- Helping with digestion: Drinking it in the morning can help with digestion, as warm water plays an important role in stimulating the gut.

7- Strengthening the immune system: This habit helps maintain the balance of the lymphatic system, and thus one becomes less vulnerable to infection and pathogens.

8- Prevents headaches: dehydration in the body causes headaches or migraines. This habit will prevent this.

9- Maintain the health of the internal organs: This habit helps maintain the internal organs of the body.

10- Skin Improvement: Lack of fluid in the body leads to the appearance of wrinkles early. Studies have shown that drinking 500 ml of water on an empty stomach greatly stimulates blood circulation and makes the skin more supple.

11- Feeling energetic: Drinking water in the morning will increase the level of energy in the body and enhance energy feelings.