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Here’s All on “False Killer Whales” Spotted in Hurghada

Wed 09 Feb 2022 | 11:26 AM
Omnia Ahmed

A group of false killer whales was spotted in Hurghada, on Tuesday, media outlets reported, noting that there were seven of them.

Citizens should not panic as the false killer whales are actually very sociable, unlike most sea creatures. They are designated as a “non-aggressive” species that had been known to associate with other dolphin species such as the bottlenose dolphin, the Pacific white-sided dolphin, and the rough-toothed dolphin.

The false killer whale is black with a gray throat and neck. It has a slender body with an elongated, tapered head and 44 teeth.

Regarding the height weight, females can reach 17 feet and weigh 2,600 pounds, while the largest males can reach 20 feet and weigh 4,900 pounds.

False killer whales travel in massive pods as a highly socialized species, with sometimes up to as many as 500 in a pod at once.

They prey on a number of different marine species such as fish, squid and other small sea animals. Also, they are known to eat bigger fish including tuna and mahi-mahi, cementing their status as an active sea predator.

False killer whales are frequently caught by fishers and scientists, but they’re surprisingly resilient when it comes to captivity. These dolphins can adapt to the condition of captivity, which separates them from many of their sea creature counterparts.

Here’s All on “False Killer Whales” Spotted in Hurghada