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"Heat Free Challenge".. Girls Worldwide Going Crazy by Their Natural Curls!

Wed 06 Feb 2019 | 03:23 PM
Salma Yassin

By Salma Yassin

CAIRO, Feb 6 (SEE)- After too many years of using heat to straighten hair, dyes to change its color, and so many other chemical products to transform curly hair nature, many girls all over the world decided unexpectedly to stop “HEAT” and start their “Heat Free” messed but exciting journeys.

It’s all about giving a break to damaged hair and keep it far away from all harmful substances and bad habits that cause its dryness, fall and break.

Testing protein/moisture hair balance and porosity level even at home to know hair type and which suitable products should be used, is almost the first step in this journey.

Moreover, performing natural oils’ massages, regular deep conditioning, beside owning curly styling products and right techniques in combing, drying hair out, and tying it up, are very important actions.

Using only sulfate, paraben and silicone free products, are other crucial step in the challenge, as these substances are considered the main enemy for curly, frizzed, coarse and dyed types of hair.

The harmful effect of these substances represented in stripping hair scalp of all natural and beneficial oils responsible for moisturizing, thus leave hair strands dry and pale.

To be honest, a decision made by any girl to abandon her smooth long hair, elegant look, and catchy relaxing products spreading everywhere has never been a piece of cake!

It does take time, months or even years, but results are really worth, it’s about restoring curly but shiny, nourished and above all healthy hair.

Patience is the hero of that journey, as a tough and boring transitional stage has to be passed through for hair to recover and be totally cleared of different types of damages.

By time, unbelievable results start to successively appear, and this was proved by many “before & after” girls’-hair-photos which reveal healthier hairs, happy faces and self confident personalities.

Heat free challenge is more a call for all girls with all hair types to start a new life, wear their own hairs, embrace nature, and be themselves.