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Health Tips for Sandy, Dusty Weather h

Thu 01 Jun 2023 | 10:00 PM
Pasant Elzsitony

Currently, there are different weather shifts, including sandstorms, and heat waves. Therefore, several people (especially children, and elders) may be negatively impacted by such weather.

Here, you can find some tips to deal with the sandy and dusty weather.

You should drink a lot of water, and have a lot of fruits and vegetables that are full of fabric like watermelon and Muskmelon.

Close all windows and doors well, you can use wet pieces of cloth to prevent the dust to pass through the windows or doors.

Dr. Hany Al Nazer advised those who suffer from allergies to stay at home tomorrow, Friday, and keep their anti-allergies that contain tricyclic H₁ for a week to treat any symptoms.

If you have to leave home, you need to wear cotton clothes in light colors and maxi designs.

Make sure to moisturize the skin and use sunscreen, even inside the home.

Contributed by: Rana Atef