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Health Min. Reveals 6 Tips to Prevent COVID-19 Infection

Thu 21 Jul 2022 | 08:23 AM
NaDa Mustafa

Egypt's Health Ministry revealed on Thursday, six important tips to prevent COVID-19 infection. 

In an infographic posted on "Facebook", the ministry advised citizens to:

1-Receive Coronavirus vaccine and its booster shots

2-Stop smoking

3- Eat fruits and vegetables rich in vitamins

4-Wear a facemask

5- Wash hands frequently

6- Avoid crowding

It is worth mentioing that, Advisor to Minister of Health for Information Technology (IT) Aysam Salah said that the numbers of coronavirus infections are not the same as in earlier waves, noting that the infected people do not need to be hospitalized.

Regarding COVID-19 vaccniation process, Salah added that 49 million people received the first dose, 35 million received the second dose, and more than 6 million people received the booster shot.

Health Presidential Advisor, Dr. Mohamed Awad Taj El-Din warned of a new wave of Corona, stressing that Egypt has entered the sixth wave, and everyone must recommit to all precautionary measures again.

In press statements, he added that the pandemic is still present, and the virus comes in waves, and we passed through 5 waves.

The presidential adviser added that people must adhere to preventive measurements for a month or more, despite a significant decrease in infections.

He revealed that a week or 10 days ago there was an increase in cases, and every day we monitor a larger number than the last day,  so it may be a sixth wave of the disease.