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Hawass Confirms: Queen Cleopatra Wasn't Black

Sat 15 Apr 2023 | 07:14 PM
Dr. Zahi Hawass
Dr. Zahi Hawass
Basant Ahmed - Ali Abou Dashish

Egyptian archaeologist Dr. Zahi Hawass commented on the Netflix series Queen Cleopatra, which sparked widespread controversy due to the appearance of the character of Queen Cleopatra, portrayed by black actress Adele James.

Hawass confirmed that Queen Cleopatra was Greek and was not black at all.

He added, "This is an attempt by blacks in America to prove that they represent the origin of this civilization," stressing that there is no evidence that the Egyptian civilization has black origins. 

Hawass pointed out that the ancient Egyptians depicted themselves different from the others in the drawings on the walls of Egyptian temples, explain ing: “If you look at the scene of the Egyptian king while he is striking enemies, you will find that the king is completely different from the Nubian, African and Asian.”

He continued:" We know that the Kingdom of Kush ruled Egypt in the 25th Dynasty, and this is in the late era, but they have no connection with the Pharaonic civilization."