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Hassan Shakosh Defies Mahraganat Ban Decision with New Song

Mon 02 Mar 2020 | 01:01 PM
Yara Sameh

Mahragan singer, Hassan Shakosh became on the most searched on Google top-trending searches in Egypt after announcing the release date of a new Mahraganat song titled "Oud Al Batal", in a move that clearly defines Musicians Syndicate’s Mahraganat ban decision.

"Oud Al Batal, on Tuesday at 6 PM... Something you would like and will suppress the success of Bent El Geran; it will be smashing in Egypt.” Shakosh announced on Sunday.

It is worth mentioning that Musicians Syndicate, headed by veteran singer Hany Shaker, has issued a decree banning actor Mohamed Ramadan and Mahraganat singers (electronic-folk) from singing or holding concerts, on February 17.

The Mahraganat decision comes after an incident at a Valentine’s Day concert performed by singer Hassan Shakoush held in Cairo Stadium, during which he sang the lyrics “I drink alcohol and smoke hashish”, which was considered as a violation to principles of the Egyptian society.

The ban comes in an attempt to preserve the public taste as the songs contain inappropriate lyrics in it.

The Syndicate had also warned all nightclubs, tourist facilities, Nile boats, and cafes from dealing with the Mahraganat performers, and of the consequences for the emergence of legal action in case of violation.

Shaker revealed in a phone interview with prominent TV host Ahmed Mousa that the Mahragant singers will no longer be working in Egypt, nor will they be able to obtain a license to perform anywhere.

He pointed out that the ban decision applies to all Mahraganat singers including, Oka W Ortega.

“This type of genre does not represent Egypt, which is based on promiscuous and immoral lyrics, and that is completely prohibited, as such, the door is closed on it,” Shaker added, “we want real art.”

Furthermore, the Syndicate started taking measures against the songs and removing them from "YouTube", "Anghami" and, "Soundcloud".