Supervisor Elham AbolFateh
Editor in Chief Mohamed Wadie

Generous Ramadan

Sat 25 Mar 2023 | 01:00 PM
Elham Aboul Fateh
Elham Aboul Fateh
Elham Aboul Fateh

Generous Ramadan .. the holy month began with the largest humanitarian initiative of distributing 6 million boxes of foodstuffs to our needy people.. Then the scene of the president eating suhoor with the workers, and standing in the midst of them. 

The first night of Ramadan witnessed an exceptional inauguration at an exceptional time that only an exceptional leader can do, and it is an event that should not be missed for its timing, meanings, and messages. It started at 2:00 am and continued until 5:30 am on Thursday, the first day of Ramadan, in the New Administrative Capital, where a new ray of light was launched to serve human and Islamic civilization with the inauguration of the Islamic Cultural Center of Egypt, which includes Misr Mosque, the largest mosque in the African continent.

I watched the amazing scene as in the first night of the holy month, the president is eating Suhoor with the workers who came from different governorates of the Republic such as Shalateen, Al-Arish, Suez and Sharqia. After the opening ceremony, I thought that the event had ended.. until I was surprised by the president sitting among the workers, waiting with them for the dawn prayer on this blessed day. Then he begins to inspect the center's pavilions. 

 The Misr mosque got 3 GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS certificates, the first for the largest pulpit in the world with a height of 16 meters, handcrafted from the finest types of wood, The second and third were for the main chandelier of the mosque, being the heaviest chandelier in the world of 50 tons, and being the largest chandelier with a diameter of 22 meters and four levels.. Then the president toured the Holy Qur’an House.. It includes the Noble Prophet’s holdings room and a corridor for the Qur’an halls - 30 iwans of the Holy Qur’an, each of them includes a full part with 604 pages. 

The happiness of the workers made me happy with the presence of the president among them at the beginning of the first hours of the first days of the holy month, as the president said “ I thank the youth and the hidden hands that have been working over the past years in the new administrative capital".

Happy Returns.. Generous Ramadan.