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GUC Strives to Find Asthma, Cancer Treatment

Wed 24 Jul 2019 | 02:53 AM
Gehan Aboella

German University in Cairo (GUC)`s Faculty of Engineering and Science of Materials at is preparing a graduation ceremony of new batch of graduates who have implemented many innovative projects at the University's Artronix Laboratory.  The laboratory is used in training and practical application for graduate and postgraduate projects.

Student during the innovation test

A number of GUC graduates are keen on applying what they were taught to carry out innovations serving the community, by using optical fiber technology, which has produced new therapeutic innovations for diseases such as asthma. Some of the graduates  are working to discover of cancer tumors in its inception.

These projects were carried out in cooperation with the Faculty of Pharmacy and Biotechnology.

 "A team of the students were able to devise new ways to control the prosthetic limbs to help users to exercise normal life," said Dr. Amir Rushdie, assistant professor, the acting supervisor of the lab and responsible of students laboratory training.

He said  that the committee, which was formed to evaluate student projects comprises doctors like Dr. Ahmed  El-Badawi, professor at the University of October for Modern Sciences and Arts, Dr. Mohamed Zakaria, assistant professor of Military Technical College and head of the Department of Mechatronics and Hossam El-Din Abdel Rahman, assistant professor at the University of Al Mostqbal.

 The  committee members praised the  accuracy  the development of  GUC student  projects.

They affirmed that target of setting of the Artronics  lab is  to upgrade sensors and microprocessors in accordance with the latest measurements and control systems at the nanoscale and training students to develop and acquire the technical and professional skills required to find a specialized cadres acquiring  complete    knowledge of mechanical and electric engineering.

Those technologies enable the graduates to develop feasible solutions for applications of mechatronics in the field of research and industry together, design and manufacture products and processes related to the three disciplines, which is aptly qualified to join the labor markets and occupy leading local and international positions.

One of the innovations of students

 Dr Rushdie pointed out that the completion of the laboratory was done in cooperation with universities, institutes and academic research centers such as Texas Tech University, the Center for Health Sciences, USA,  Southern Methodist University in Dallas, Texas, USA.

Professor Kuper Olch, founder and chairman of the Permanent Council for Sustainable Concepts, Germany participated in setting up the laboratory.

Contributed by Ahmed Moamar