Supervisor Elham AbolFateh
Editor in Chief Mohamed Wadie

Green Projects Initiative Implements 520 Projects in Giza to Combat Climate Change

Fri 09 Jun 2023 | 11:42 PM
Ahmed Moamar

Ambassador Hisham Badr, General Coordinator of the National Initiative for Smart Green Projects, participated in the meeting organized by Giza Governorate, entitled "Mechanisms for Participation in the National Initiative for Smart Green Projects", in the presence of Maj. Gen. Ahmed Rashid, Governor of Giza, and with the participation of representatives of various neighborhoods of Giza.

During the meeting, Ambassador Hisham Badr praised the efforts of the Governorate of Giza to raise awareness of the initiative and support the applicants, which was reflected in the number of participating projects in the governorate, which has so far reached about 520 projects.

He indicated

that the increase in the number of projects submitted by Giza in the current session compared to the first session reflects the extent of the efforts made in order to raise awareness of the problems of climate change and the need to find solutions to those problems.

Badr explained that the initiative strives to achieve sustainability by creating a balance between facing climate challenges and providing a source of income, explaining that the initiative has established a database that classifies projects based on their nature, private sector, and geographical location, which facilitates the process of allocating financing by linking investors to those projects.