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Greece to Sell White Phosphorus Shells to Ukraine

Wed 03 Apr 2024 | 01:32 PM
Israa Farhan

Nikos Papanastasis, a member of the Greek parliament from the Communist Party of Greece (KKE), expressed condemnation over the Greek government's alleged intention to sell tens of thousands of banned white phosphorus munitions to the Czech Republic, with the ultimate destination being Ukraine.

Papanastasis, addressing a meeting of the parliament's weapons programs committee, criticized the government's involvement in supporting NATO-US-EU military operations in Ukraine, labeling it a blatant violation of international treaties and the United Nations' prohibitions.

He emphasized the grave implications of such actions, accusing the ruling New Democracy party of jeopardizing international legality and potentially enabling war crimes.

The lawmaker condemned the complicity of other parliamentary parties in what he described as facilitating unlawful military endeavors.

Furthermore, Papanastasis denounced the diversion of weapons and munitions from Greece's armed forces, arguing that it undermines the nation's defense capability.

He underscored the Communist Party's firm opposition to Greece's involvement in supporting NATO's military agenda, particularly in conflicts with such dire humanitarian consequences.

Reports from Greek news outlets indicate preparations for a substantial arms transfer to Ukraine via the Czech Republic, raising concerns over Greece's role in escalating tensions in the region.

Plans reportedly include the procurement of various military supplies and weaponry, including rockets, anti-tank projectiles, and ammunition, with Greece intending to supply Ukraine directly from its own arsenal.

The Communist Party's condemnation echoes broader sentiments of concern both domestically and internationally, as Greece's purported arms deals contribute to heightened tensions in the ongoing conflict between Ukraine and Russia.