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Google to Stop Supporting Chrome for Millions of Old Android System Users

Wed 08 Nov 2023 | 11:04 AM
Rana Atef

Huge numbers of Android-supported phones will lose Google's Chrome web browser support, the company said earlier this week.

The old Android systems will no longer receive any new features or security updates.

It is expected that this policy will come into action next month with the launch of the newest version of Chrome, Chrome 120. 

Google is ending support for devices that can't upgrade beyond Android Nougat.

The old operating system is used by more than 2% of Android users around the world, estimated to be more than 120 million people. 

Google announced in its notes: "Chrome on Android will no longer support Android Nougat," Google confirmed in its release notes.

"The last version of Chrome that supports Android Nougat is Chrome 119, and it includes a message to affected users informing them to upgrade their operating system. Chrome 120 will not support nor ship to users running Android Nougat."