Supervisor Elham AbolFateh
Editor in Chief Mohamed Wadie

Giza Killer 2020 Model, Op,ed

Sun 22 Nov 2020 | 11:59 AM
Basant ahmed

It seems that 2020 is not yet done with its surprises and disasters, the last of which is a very strange and horrible one that the security services just revealed. A few days ago, authorities told all about “the Giza killer”, who got married 4 women with fake names and had children attributed to fathers who do know nothing about them .. and buried 4 bodies in his apartment!

The Giza Killer or the modern model of "Rayya and Sakina", forced us to mark the 100th anniversary of the well-known incident in the history of Al Raml neighborhood in Alexandria, which was turned into a movie and a play presented by late actor Abdel Moneim Madbouly, actress Suheir El-Babili and late actress Shadia. But it seems that turning crime into creativity is not enough to cure deeply rooted social pain that needs treatment from the roots.

"Raya and Sakina" story revolves around two sisters, “Rayya and Sakina Ali Hammam,” who were living in Al Labban neighborhood, one of the poorest neighborhoods in Alexandria in 1920, they formed a gang with the help of their husbands and other assistants, kidnapped and killed 17 women and buried them inside their home after seizing their money and jewelry. They exploited the chaos, popular uprisings and demonstrations that were taking place in Alexandria and Cairo demanding independence, to carry out their crimes.

In the same manner, the Giza killer committed his crimes, but in 2020 model. At the beginning, he formed a gang to trap women after talking to them, then he gained their confidence in the poor and slum areas. He married more than one woman and seized their money, then he turned to his friend  who was working in Saudi Arabia, and seized his money under the pretext of founding a real estate company. When the sums of money reached more than one million pounds, and when his friend returned back to homeland to start the dream of investing in his country, the killer invited him to have a meal in his house and put poison in food for him then he buried his body in the same place, where he buried his wife 4 months ago, as she threatened him to inform the police and seized 350 thousand pounds from him. He also admitted killing a worker in his own library in Giza, and another in an electrical tools store, after his travel to Alexandria. His victims were wives, sons, and dozens of victims, and more surprises are to come!

But what caught my attention is that the story of the Giza killer began in 2002 as a result of the slums  in the Bulaq Dakrur neighborhoods, he married more than one and get rid of them, the last was Fatime, exploiting her poverty. He was working in investing money in libraries and real estate in Giza, and after the outbreak of chaos in January 2011, and the absence of the police, he managed to get a lot of money by swindling and fraud, and under the guise of expressing a desire to marry, he was able to marry all his victims.

Fortunately, nowadays , our security forces are deployed everywhere, surveillance cameras have spread in the streets, and our country has paid great attention to eliminating slums, improving the conditions of their inhabitants, and providing social and humanitarian protection programs. Slums in Alexandria and Cairo, Giza, Bulaq, Sakia Mekki, Shaq Al-Taaban, and Al-Duwayqa were transformed into centers of civilized radiation, and the state's institutions are helping families, providing honorable jobs for gharemat (women imprisoned due to failed payment of debts).

Despite arresting Giza killer, the case will not end. Rather, another type of work has begun, its heroes are the scholars and experts in education, psychology and sociology, to study the circumstances of  the killer’s life, and and how he turned into a phenomenon produced by slum and poverty ?