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Editor in Chief Mohamed Wadie

Germany Tops EU Chocolate Exports in 2023

Sat 30 Mar 2024 | 09:48 PM
Israa Farhan

New data from the European statistics office, Eurostat, revealed that Germany emerged as the top exporter of chocolate in the European Union during the year 2023.

Following Germany on the list were the Netherlands and Poland.

Eurostat announced via its social media account on Friday that EU countries exported 867,000 tons of chocolate to countries outside the union last year.

"Eurostat" added, "This represents an increase of 2 percent compared to 2022 and a 35 percent increase compared to 2013."

Germany exported around 221,000 tons of chocolate in 2023, accounting for approximately 26 percent of the union's exports.

Following Germany, the Netherlands ranked second, exporting 123,000 tons, representing about 14 percent of the exports, while Poland ranked third with 115,000 tons, approximately 13 percent of the union's exports.

These three countries, along with Belgium and Italy, accounted for three-quarters of the European Union's chocolate exports.

The top chocolate-importing countries from the European Union were led by Britain with around 315,000 tons, followed by the United States with about 72,000 tons, then Russia with 65,000 tons, Canada with 31,000 tons, and Australia with 27,000 tons.