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Germany, India Cooperate for Green Hydrogen Production

Sat 23 Mar 2024 | 08:17 PM
Israa Farhan

German Ambassador to India, Phillip Ackermann, has announced that Berlin and New Delhi are collaborating to produce green hydrogen, expressing appreciation for the discussions taking place between the two capitals regarding partnership in sustainable and green development.

In a post on the X platform today, the German ambassador clarified, "Germany has formed a working group with India on green hydrogen production. India may be able to export this green energy to other countries in the coming years, which would provide an opportunity to showcase Indian and German innovations in this field to the continents of Africa and Latin America."

He noted that cooperation between the two sides combines Indian skills and German strengths.

He added that the partnership aims to provide carbon-free green energy, and India is expected to produce green hydrogen within two years, enabling it to export this energy.

Eventually, Germany may benefit from these exports.

He pointed out that Germany needs skilled labor and has become an attractive destination for Indian students, expecting many Indians to travel to Germany in the coming months, especially after the signing of the mobility partnership agreement between India and Germany.