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Germany hands over another defense aid package to Ukraine

Wed 31 Jan 2024 | 04:40 PM
German Defense Minister Boris Pistorius
German Defense Minister Boris Pistorius
Basant Ahmed

Germany delivered another batch of military assistance to Ukraine, which includes armored vehicles, missiles, other ammunition, and more, Ukrinform reported. 

The latest delivery includes 24 armored personnel carriers (the same number as delivered previously), four Bandvagn 206 (BV206) multi-purpose tracked vehicles (previously the Armed Forces received 69 of these), a BIBER bridge-layer with spare parts (14 units are already in use), three WISENT 1 mine-clearing tanks (in total, Ukraine already has 19 of these), and 14 minesweepers (previously, 11 were transferred).

In addition, the package includes an IRIS-T air defense system missile, more than a thousand 155 mm artillery ammunition rounds, an anti-sea mine system, a satcom monitoring system (another such unit was provided earlier), as well as four more vehicles for the border service (in addition up to 248 already delivered), 450 anti-skid chains (for vehicles), and 194,000 individual modules for group catering.

As German Defense Minister Boris Pistorius stated in a recent interview, Germany sends aid packages to Ukraine almost on a daily basis, even if they are small, in order to ensure continuous support.