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Editor in Chief Mohamed Wadie

French Astronaut Shares Images of Egypt's Suez Canal, Pyramids from Orbit

Mon 26 Jul 2021 | 04:35 PM

A French astronaut shared pictures of the Egyptian Suez Canal, Cairo airport, and Giza Pyramids have taken from orbit.

Thomas Pesquet, a European Space Agency astronaut currently onboard the International Space Station, on Monday tweeted a number of pictures of the Giza Pyramids and Suez Canal taken from orbit.

He is on a six-month mission, named Alpha, and will become the first French commander of the space station in a month-long stint.

In a tweet, Pesquet said, "The pyramids, and the Suez canal, or when wonders of the world meet the modern world.

"Egypt is one of the most easily recognizable countries and one of the most photogenic places to picture from space! Casting your gaze on the surrounding desert you see beautiful and intriguing shapes but I (nor anyone else) will probably ever see them in real life. The environment is too unhospitable," he added.