Supervisor Elham AbolFateh
Editor in Chief Mohamed Wadie

France Elections: Who is the Most Racist Against Muslims?

Fri 25 Mar 2022 | 03:44 PM

Observers have described the statements of the upcoming Republican presidential candidate, Valérie Pécresse, as a rival to Éric Zemmour in the race for who is the most extreme and racist against Muslims in France.

During a media interview, Pécresse attacked her far-right opponent, Zemmour, and said that he was just a journalist when she was fighting "to prevent the face veil in France," as she claimed.

She added that she had an old struggle against "Islamism", as she stood behind the laws banning the face veil and restricting veiled women for more than 12 years, while Zemmour was just a TV presenter.

It seems that the struggle over who will be the most extreme against Islam will intensify between the parties to the French right, with the intensification of the race for the presidential seat, according to observers.

The refugee and immigrant file is at the fore in the electoral programs of most candidates in the French and presidential elections in particular.

Left parties and their leaders call for the continuation of receiving refugees and their support for the country’s economic need for them, and out of moral and humanitarian responsibility, while the right is trying to expel them from the French soil.

Zemmour, the most extreme right-wing candidate and the most hateful of immigrants, especially from the countries of the Maghreb Union (Algeria, Morocco, Mauritania, Tunisia, Libya) pledges to expel million illegal refugees currently residing in France.

Pécresse had promised to "eliminate all manifestations of Islam in France" in her defense of secularism, and saw the veil as "a sign of women's submission" and not a religious obligation.

"For me, the veil is not a piece of clothing like any other, and it is not a religious obligation, it is a sign of women's subordination," Pécresse said at her first campaign rally in Paris last week, in front of thousands of her supporters. "If I become president, no woman will be submissive.”

In turn, Zemmour continues his statements against Muslims in an attempt to win the support of more supporters of the far-right in the upcoming elections.

This time, he said, "I do not want to hear the voice of Azan (A call for prayer) in France, and I will not hear it if I become president of the republic."

"I will ban the veil and stop the call to prayer, and I will close the major mosques, because it means the invasion of French lands," he said.

Apparently, he will not win the elections, according to the consensus of all opinion polls, but his danger lies in the space given to him in the media to promote his racist ideas that incite hatred against Muslim immigrants, despite the fact that his ancestors were from Andalusian Jews who immigrated to Algeria.

Not body can deny that immigrants from the Maghreb Union played a major role in the prosperity and stability of Western societies, and they have become a major part of their national fabric.