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Former Female Afghan Lawmaker Shot Dead at Home in Kabul

Sun 15 Jan 2023 | 05:58 PM
Mursal Nabidzadah
Mursal Nabidzadah
Omnia Ahmed

Mursal Nabidzadah, a former female member of Afghanistan’s now-disbanded lower house of parliament was shot dead during a break-in at her home in the Afghan capital, Taliban officials announced on Sunday.

Nabidzadah and a bodyguard were shot dead when gunmen broke into her house in the Ahmad Shah Baba area of Kabul on Sunday, Khalid Zadran, a Taliban spokesman for the Kabul police said.

The spokesman added that Nadidzadah’s brother was injured in the incident, without disclosing any further details.

No one has yet claimed responsibility for the attack.

Hannah Neumann, a German member of the Greens/EFA faction in the European Parliament, denounced the brutal attack.

"She was killed in darkness, but the Taliban build their system of gender apartheid in full daylight," Neumann wrote on Twitter.

The Taliban has been crushing women’s rights since taking to power in August 2021.

Last December, the Taliban banned women from working for aid groups. It followed a ban imposed on women attending universities. In addition, girls were stopped from attending high school.

Earlier this month, the United States pushed the UN Security Council to adopt a resolution calling on the Taliban-led authorities in Afghanistan to reverse those bans on women.