Supervisor Elham AbolFateh
Editor in Chief Mohamed Wadie

Flying Airbus Taxis Ready to Take off in Germany

Fri 15 Mar 2019 | 04:36 PM
Hassan El-Khawaga

Germany, March 15 (SEE) — Luc Besson had imagined it, Airbus did it.

The European aeronautical manufacturer has presented in Ingolstadt in Germany, its concept of flying taxi: CityAirbus. This helicopter works thanks to these electric motors. Being able to carry up to four passengers, the craft can only make short journeys.

According to CityAirbus project manager Marius Bebesel, the concept would allow anyone to afford a taxi ride to go, for example, from the airport to the city center. Even if the distances traveled will be quite small because of its autonomy of about fifteen minutes, this means of transport 2.0 will relieve some of the road traffic.Still in the test state, this concept is currently being developed in Germany. German Transport Minister Andreas Scheuer is particularly pleased that "German engineers are developing products of the future, we should be enthusiastic and curious about the future. "

CityAirbus is not the only model of its kind to be in progress. In the same vein, the European manufacturer develops “Vahana”. Also based on electric propulsion, Vahana has meanwhile achieved a flight of several minutes in perfect autonomy last February.

If the commercialization date of CityAirbus is not yet known, everything indicates that the future is on.

So, goodbye traditional car and hello flying taxi!