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Editor in Chief Mohamed Wadie

Floodwaters Threaten Vaccine Warehouse in UK

Thu 21 Jan 2021 | 06:58 PM
Rana Atef

On Thursday, many emergency teams headed to Wrexham Warehouse, one of the biggest COVID-19 vaccines warehouses in the UK, after floodwaters threats.

Wrexham Council head Mark Pritchard told BBC Radio Wales that they received alerts of flooding on the Wrexham Industrial Estate where a number of Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccine stores are found.

Pritchard added, "We had an incident at Wrexham Industrial Estate, the Oxford vaccination is produced there and the warehouse where it is stored," continuing, "Obviously I can't tell you where it is, but we had to work in partnership to make sure we didn't lose the vaccinations in the floods."

Regarding the impact of such an incident, he described, "This could have had an impact not just in Wrexham [or] Wales, [but] across the whole country with vaccine supplies."

In the same context, Wockhardt UK, which has vaccine production lines in Wrexham expressed, "Further to reports on flooding in the Wrexham area, Wockhardt UK also experienced mild flooding yesterday," adding, "All necessary actions were taken with no disruption to manufacturing."

This week, 27 flood warnings and alerts were reported in North Wales as Storm Christoph continued hitting the region.