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Favourite Tourist Destinations in Cairo

Thu 19 Sep 2019 | 01:55 PM
Ahmed Yasser

Cairo is one of the world's great megacities and rich in historic. It's where you really get a feel for Egyptian street life, no trip to Egypt is complete without a stay in the city call "Mother of the World.

* Cairo Tower

The Cairo Tower is located in the mid of the capital in Zamalek. The tower was designed by the Egyptian architect, Naoum Chebib.

The tower is one of Cairo's well known modern monuments and Egypt's second most famous landmark after the Pyramids of Giza; it stands in El- Gezira district close to downtown Cairo.

It was the tallest structure in Africa for ten years until 1971, when it was surpassed by "Hillbrow" Tower in South Africa.

Cairo Tower

* Bab Zuweila

Bab Zuweila is the most interesting. You can climb to the top of this medieval era relic that was built in the 11th century.

The gate itself has two minarets and is the last southern gate of the old town still standing.

Right next door is the red and white stonework of the Sheikh El-Mu'ayyad Mosque and a few steps further away is the fascinating artisan stalls of the Street of the "Tentmakers" where Egypt's bright fabric used for weddings and other special occasions.

"Bab Zuweila"

* El-Azhar Park

El-Azhar Park is the green lungs of the old district. It opened in 2005. The gloriously manicured gardens are a lovely place for an evening stroll, especially as the views over the entire old city are gorgeous at sunset.

El-Azhar Park is most easily visited, you can turn east to Darb El-Ahmar St from Bab Zuweila and walk to the lower park entrance.

This park is listed as one of the world's sixty great public spaces by the Project for Public Spaces ''PPS''.

The park was created by the Historic Cities Support Programme (HCSP) of the Aga Khan Trust for Culture "AKTC", an entity of the Aga Khan Development Network "AKDN".

"El-Azhar Park"

* El-Hakim Mosque

Caliph El-Hakim is one of the most fascinating rulers of Egypt. This Fatimid leader was renowned for his terrifying rule over the land, which included frequent murders of his royal household staff.

The mosque sits in between two of the old city district's most important gates, Bab El-Futuh on the mosque's western side and Bab El-Nasr to the east are similar in form to ancient Roman town gates and were both built in 1087.

The mosque was used as a madrassa, crusader fortress, and mental hospital and completely restored in the 1980's.

" El-Hakim Mosque"

* 6th October Panorama

The 6th October Panorama is located in Salah Salem St in front of El Obour Buildings.

This Panorama which is a unique cultural, artistic and architectural achievement;  it's also a major tourist attraction.

The Panorama has been set up to immortalize Egypt’s triumphant war of October 1973. The Panorama contains many weapons, models and reliefs showing the course of war.

"6th of October Panorama"