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Designer Heba Othman Presents New Children Home Wear Collection

Wed 05 May 2021 | 03:16 AM
Pasant Elzaitony

Fashion designer Heba Othman presented new children collection for the spring/summer 2021.

The collection arrives few days before Eid al-Fitr and is also suitable for the holiday.

The collection has developed in terms of content and name instead of sleep or Eid pajamas, the terminology of home wear became any clothes you wear at home, but also suitable for wearing it outdoors in nearby places or the club.

Home wear is certainly clothes that have special characteristics that distinguish them from the classic Eid pajamas.

This distinguished Egyptian-made collection was featured by wonderful models and sisters Kenzi and Malak Ahmed Taha, who helped to spread the festive feeling of Eid and the Eid night.

[caption id="attachment_236737" align="aligncenter" width="1080"]Kenzi and Malak Kenzi and Malak[/caption]

It is characterized by bright colors, comfortable materials, and international fashion styles. The collection featured modern elegant and practical designs that suit the lifestyle perse of the children as it is suitable for going to the club or any nearby outing.

The designs are also made of comfortable and practical materials suitable for sleeping and playing as well as equipped to ensure colorfastness, ease of cleaning, and washing.

* Shorts and bantakor

The shorts are practical and comfortable for young girls and give them freedom of movement, which faces competition with the bantakor that differs from the shorts in terms of length, as it reaches the knee, and is suitable for most young women approaching the age of puberty.

* Ruffles

Ruffles of various shapes and sizes are trendy. The designer relied on small ruffles and spread them artistically on the straps.

* One shoulder

Young girls usually want to imitate their mothers’ looks, and as the one shoulder is fashionable Othman presented attractive designs of the top that give an attractive and elegant look to the little ones.

Contributed by Yara Sameh