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Facts & Secrets Highlights SEE's Exclusive Coverage of Ramsis ll Obelisk Transfer

Thu 08 Aug 2019 | 10:52 PM
Mohamed Emad


Egyptian satellite program, Facts and Secrets, highlighted SEE exclusive coverage of Ramsis ll Obelisk Transfer. The program presenter and famous journalist, Mostafa Bakry, hailed the efforts of SEE staff.




It is worthy to mention that, the Ministry of Antiquities, in collaboration with the Arab Contractors Company, succeeded in transferring the obelisk of King Ramses II to Al-Alamien Museum, Matrouh Governorate.


Archaeologist Tamer al-Menshawi said the obelisk of King Ramesses II was in the area of Tanis in the Stone Sanctuary in Sharkia Governorate before being transferred to Al-Gezira, Zamalek.


SEE reporter, Ali Abu Dashish, is now at El-Gezira Museum to provide us with all the details of the transfer of the obelisk moment by moment.


In the era of President Abdel Nasser, a decision in 1962 was issued that considers the obelisk as one of the features of the park and the place was called the Garden of the Obelisk, near the Tower of Cairo.


Al-Manshawi told SEE that the obelisk has been a landmark of El Gezira area in Cairo."


"It is the tomb of King Ramses II, one of the greatest kings of ancient Egypt; he built many temples including the Temple of Abu Simbel; it has a number of famous statues," Al-Manshawi explained.


This Obelisk was erected by Ramses II (New Kingdom 19th Dynasty, Reigned 1278-1212 BC) originally in Per-Ramesses (Qanatir at present), a capital city in Nile Delta also built by Ramses II, according to Obelisks website.


The obelisk is a symbol of the god Ra, the sun god. It was the first religious doctrine in ancient Egypt, doctrine of the ninth, which explains the story of creation for the ancient Egyptians.


It was written, in ancient Egyptian language, on the obelisk the most important titles and works of the king.


The Obelisk that has been transported for re-using for Tanis Compex (Built in 20th - 22nd Dynasty, consists of the Great Amen Temple and many tombs of Pharaohs in Third Intermediate Period.)


King Ramses has a large number of obelisks in Tanis, including the obelisk in front of Luxor Temple in the Egyptian Museum and two large obelisks in the new administrative capital.