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Explore the 2023 traffic violation fines in Saudi Arabia and stay informed

comprehensive overview of traffic violation fines

Wed 17 May 2023 | 03:41 PM
Saudi Traffic Authority
Saudi Traffic Authority
Ramses Naguib

As Saudi Muroor has updated the traffic violation fines in Saudi Arabia for 2023, we will provide you with a comprehensive overview of these fines which are divided into 8 categories.

Category 1

Violation fines that range from 150 to 100 Saudi Riyal, which are:

● Driving a vehicle in areas where driving is not allowed.

● leaving a parked vehicle unattended with the engine running.

● Not having a valid vehicle insurance.

● Pedestrians crossing roads from places other than those allocated for them.

● Pedestrians' non-compliance with signals is defined for them.

● Parking a vehicle in areas that are not designated for parking.

● Not giving priority to pedestrians while crossing the roads which are designated for them.

Category 2

Violation fines range from 300 to 150 SAR, which are:

● Not using the turn signal when turning right or left, overtaking or changing lanes.

● Turning back into a public road of more than 20 meters.

● When a motorcycle or bicycle driver gets attached to any other vehicle, pulls or carries objects that endanger themselves or other road users.

● Not following regulations for the use of spotlights.

● Driving a vehicle without a driving license.

● Not using vehicle alarms properly.

● Failure to submit the vehicle for periodic technical inspection.

● Violation of road traffic regulations.

● Not using a seat belt.

● Placing barriers inside or outside the vehicle that obstruct the driver's vision.

● Not leaving a safe distance between two vehicles.

● Driving the vehicle at high speed, causes the tires to produce a loud noise.

● Gathering at an accident scene.

● When the driver bypasses the designated vehicle lanes at traffic lights or security checkpoints by using the road shoulder or detour lane.

● Not equipping trailers as required by regulations.

Category 3

Violation fines range from 500 to 300 SAR, which are:

● Not following precautions required when parking on public roads in emergencies.

● Throwing any objects outside the vehicle while it is moving.

● Slowing down while driving in a manner that impedes the smooth flow of traffic.

● Not focusing on the road while driving.

● Sudden unnecessary use of brakes.

● Not following traffic regulations.

● Non-compliance with the limits of the specified routes on the road.

● Making noise using devices from inside the vehicle, or committing any behavior contrary to public decency while driving.

● Driving with an expired driver's license.

● Non-using safety seats are meant for children.

● Leaving the vehicle on a sloping road without taking necessary precautions.

● Leaving children under the age of 10 in the vehicle without an adult.

Category 4

Violation fines range from 900 to 500 SAR, which are

● Following an ambulance with its sirens on.

● Driving on the road with vehicles that are not yet owned or leased by the driver.

● Driving on the road with unregistered or unauthorized vehicles.

● Non-stopping completely at the stop signal.

● Not stopping at the signal driving priority ahead if there are vehicles moving on a priority road.

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