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Editor in Chief Mohamed Wadie

Groundwater Depletion Raises Terror in Europe

Fri 09 Dec 2022 | 08:48 PM
Ahmed Moamar

Hydrologist Guy Famiglietti, director of the Global Water Security Institute at the Canadian University of Saskatchewan, warned that the water crisis that Europe is worsening after groundwater is still drying which people cannot see.

The Spanish newspaper "The Economista" said that Europe has gone through a severe drought due to high temperatures and a lack of rainwater, but what is of concern at the present time is clearly the arrival of the drought wave to groundwater, which is relied upon in these difficult times, especially in agriculture.

The Spanish newspaper indicated that Famiglietti, along with a number of experts, analyzed data from the American and German satellite missions known as GRACE to see the change in the freshwater stored in the European continent, as those double satellites tracked changes in gravity to measure the vast reservoirs of water, such as those stored under the earth. In aquifers, which flow in lakes, rivers, and glaciers, the greater the mass of water, the greater the force of gravity.