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First Round of Peace Talks Between Ethiopian Government, Tigray Forces Kicks off in South Africa Today

Mon 24 Oct 2022 | 06:50 PM
Ahmed Moamar

Today, an Ethiopian government delegation and another from Tigrayan forces are meeting in South Africa for the first formal peace talks since the outbreak of war two years ago.

The roots of the war go back to a power struggle between the federal government and the Tigrayan authorities, which led the country's ruling coalition before Abiy Ahmed became prime minister in 2018.

The conflict has killed thousands, displaced millions, and left hundreds of thousands on the brink of starvation.

The Ethiopian government said in a statement that its delegation left for South Africa to participate in the talks mediated by the African Union.

"The government of Ethiopia views the talks as an opportunity to resolve the conflict peacefully and improve the situation on the ground," it added.

It wrote on Twitter that the talks would focus on the immediate cessation of hostilities, the unfettered delivery of humanitarian aid, and the withdrawal of Eritrean forces fighting alongside Ethiopian federal forces.