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Marmar Halim: Entisar El-Sisi's Dress to Jordan Royal Wedding Was Inspired by the Nile River

Sat 03 Jun 2023 | 03:13 PM
Egypt's First Lady Entisar El-Sisi
Egypt's First Lady Entisar El-Sisi
Pasant Elzsitony

The wedding of Al Hussein bin Abdullah, Crown Prince of Jordan, and Rajwa Al Saif, which took place at Zahran Palace in Jordan on June 1, is still a hot topic.

The ceremony was attended by many high-profile figures from across the world, including the First Lady of Egypt, Entisar El-Sisi, and her daughter.

She entrusted international Egyptian UAE-based designer, Marmar Halim to prepare her look for the occasion, wearing a exquisite indigo blue dress.

Halim told "SEE” all of the stunning outfit details behind the First Lady's look.

Fashion designer, Marmar HalimFashion designer, Marmar Halim

* Was the design made specifically for the occasion?

- Yes, the design was made specifically for the first lady for the occasion.

As soon as I learn about it, I chose the Nile River as my inspiration for the design, thus, I selected the blue color and the rest of the details of the look.

* Did Mrs. Entisar have specific requests?

- The most important thing for the first lady is that the design always be decent, respectful, and simple.

* Was there any design modification?

- The first time Mrs. Entisar wore the dress, she liked it very much. There were practically no modifications from the first time.

*You have been collaborating with the First Lady for years, so were they all designs for high-profile events?

- We have been dealing with Mrs. Entisar El-Sisi for years. There are designs made for the first lady to wear to important events, like this occasion.

Every time I meet her, I get to know details about the event she will attend so that the design matches the event.

* Do you design the dress and the veil?

- Not every time, but this time I worked on the whole look.

* Tell us about the First Lady's earrings? Was it preferable to be gold-plated cubic zirconia stud earrings?

- Frankly, no, this was one of the best things since there was no jewelry, thus the earring needed to make a statement.

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First Lady of Egypt, Entisar El-SisiFirst Lady of Egypt, Entisar El-Sisi