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Elissa Sends Message to Queen Rania, Blesses Princess Iman

Tue 14 Mar 2023 | 02:03 PM
Israa Farhan

After Queen Rania Al Abdullah shared a video of moments from her daughter Princess Iman Bint Abdullah II's marriage to the tune of the song that Marwan Khoury and Elissa gave her, Elissa returned and shared the video on Twitter, and blessed the grooms.

Elissa said in a tweet, through which she sent Queen Rania's message, "Sending heartfelt congratulations to Princess Iman and Her Proud Parents on Her wedding day.”

"Your unwavering support and guidance have helped shape her into the wonderful woman she is," she added. "I wish the new couple a life full of fairy tales."

Queen Rania had previously shared the video, announced the date of Princess Iman's wedding, and thanked Elissa and Marwan Khoury, who wrote and composed the song.

She wrote in the video, "After a week, God willing, I will see you as a bride. I will protect you in the name of God, Iman, O Rihanna, the house. May God grant you success and enlighten your path."

Queen Rania thanked Elissa for the gift, and Khoury for the words and melodies, “a melodious voice and expressive words that touch the heart.”