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“ElHadra” Leads Birth of Prophet Muhammad Celebrations 2020

Thu 29 Oct 2020 | 10:09 AM
Nour El-Hoda Fouad

“ElHadra” is a Sufi chanting band that has eleven chanters and four basic instrument players. The band was formed six years ago and their reputation has been increasing ever since then especially with the Sufi chanting becoming more and more popular everyday between the different social and age groups of people.

[caption id="attachment_165216" align="alignright" width="300"]Nour Nageh Nour Nageh[/caption]

The band always made sure to continue playing shows in the opera house and ElMoaz street. Not to mention the private chanting shows which is why they are leading the birth of the Prophet Muhammad celebrations this year on October 29th.

In an interview with the band members for “SEE”:

The chanter and founder of the “ElHadra” band Nour Nageh announced that “ElHadra” means the presence of the heart with Allah and that their band focuses on the Zekr along with the harmony that comes from different voices together which many chanting bands missed. They also focus on enriching the spirit and soul through the zekr of Allah which is similar to the meditation arts in the Indian and Asian cultures.

Nageh added that he founded “ElHadra” in 2015 after joining one of the Sufi groups and deciding to transfer the chanting from the mosques to the theaters. He made sure to choose mosques’ chanters for his band to reflect the honest and unseen Egyptian Sufi culture. And to use his musical knowledge in the chants by adding their significant strong harmony.

[caption id="attachment_165218" align="alignright" width="300"]“ElHadra” “ElHadra”[/caption]

He then added that the band includes a number of members from the Sufi groups who are also musicians like Said Talaat the band’s lute player, and the chanter Mohamed Abd ELAziz.

Omar Mosaad, a member of the “ElHadra” band, announced that the secret to their success is that every one of them specializes in something for example some specialize in communication and public relations while his Arabic studies help the band in writing the poems, correcting the pronunciation and using different words.

It is noteworthy that “ElHadra” band represented Egypt in many cultural events including the celebration of the announcement of the Muharraq as the official Bahraini Islamic culture capital and the Burda Festival birth of the Prophet Muhammad celebration in Abu Dhabi.

Contributed by Sara Goda