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Designer Gina S. Nasr Reintroduces Abaya

Wed 29 Mar 2023 | 05:55 PM
By Pasant Elzaitony

Fresh ideas assemble beauty, elegance, and renewal, and this is what Egyptian designer Gina Safaa Nasr created in her latest collection.

The designer always strives to present creative ideas that are simple and distinctive at the same time.

She presented a very elegant piece of art in her Ramadan 2023 collection.

The item, the abaya cape, was also suitable for times other than Ramadan.

* Mergining art and design

In the mini collection, the designer relied mainly on black color and mixed colorful decorative units and drawings.

"I was seeking to present Ramadan clothing in the new brand. The idea was developed from my liking of Islamic glass art," Nasr pointed out.

"I was trying to search for things similar to the glass art used in the Church of Notre Dame but to be Islamic, so I delivered these designs," she added.

* Modern oriental spirit

Nasr relied on chiffon and crêpe fabrics, and the cuts were inspired by Islamic motifs to create modern designs with an oriental spirit for every woman to enjoy the elegance that can be found when wearing haute couture.

* Abaya Cape

The designer is seeking excellence in form as well as the practicality of clothing, and thus she decided to present designs that can be worn during and after Ramadan.

"I found that the current abayas were either closed or with sleeves, whether with fit or wide sleeves, so I created the abaya cape that transformed into a regular abaya when hands appear and became a cape if kept inside. It could be worn at any time and on different occasions,".

Contributed by Yara Sameh