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Editor in Chief Mohamed Wadie

A Soft Ramadan Look, Signed by Designer Maryam Massad

Tue 21 Mar 2023 | 04:01 PM
By Pasant Elzaitony

Women are looking for a distinctive look during the gatherings of the blessed month of Ramadan, whether at Iftar (sunset meal) or Suhoor (pre-dawn meal) through family or friends gatherings.

So the Egyptian designer Maryam Massad presented a specific group for the elegance of the month of Ramadan, characterized by sophistication and elegance.

And here is the most important characteristic of this collection that makes us recommend it to you

* Distinctive motifs

The Egyptian designer Maryam Massad succeeded in employing Ramadan motifs such as the crescent moon and others.

She also relied on Arabic letters and employed them in a modern and elegant way that combines sophistication and simplicity together, far from an exaggeration, which makes every piece that you can wear on Ramadan nights or at another time.

* Soft fabrics

The designer used soft fabrics that flow over the body, giving a look commensurate with the direction she set for the group, which is softness and sophistication.

Rich colors

Maryam relied on rich colors with many shades of green, which is one of the shades of fashion this season as it goes with warm skin tones, and she presented lemon and beige because of their sophistication.

* The Moroccan caftan and Ramadan

The caftan is indispensable during the nights of Ramadan, and the designer chose the Moroccan caftan style to be distinctive in Ramadan 2023, and its edges were decorated with distinctive ornaments that gave it privacy and elegance.

* Poncho and jacket

We often need a poncho and jacket in a meeting that combines work and Ramadan invitations, so the practical and elegant poncho is the most distinctive and practical thing, and so you have a distinguished and practical group for Ramadan and Ramadan Kareem.

Translated by Ahmed Moamar