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El-Nahda University Hands Beni Suef Governor East Nile Corniche Design

Fri 14 Aug 2020 | 01:46 PM
Mai Shaheen

El-Nahda University in Beni Suef organized a ceremony handing Dr. Mohamed Hany the Beni Suef governor, the design and implementation drawings as well as the brochure of conditions and technical specifications for the East Nile Corniche construction. The Corniche will be converted into a tourist attraction.

El-Nahda University Hands Beni Suef Governor East Nile Corniche Design

This project aims to develop the eastern Beni Suef Corniche from the bridge to the Virgin Mary Monastery with a length 3,800 meters and an area of 25 acres to attract more tourist flows in the Beni Suef governorate.

The development was based on adding economic and developmental elements to the eastern part of the governorate, in addition to the Corniche public walkway. These elements include a Terminal Building.

The building contains a complex of cinemas, several banks branches, a river marina for floating hotels that accommodates a number of 10-12 Nile Cruise hotels, a berth for smaller river boats (swimming and transport), a marina for games and water sports including water moto (Jet ski) And (Ski Boats).

El-Nahda University project gools:

It is one of attractive destinations, and works to enhance the vital tourism sector competitiveness for the Egyptian economy benefit as well as providing more job opportunities.

In addition, it has a recreational area that include restaurants, cafeterias and youth activities, a varied and multi-level parallel walkway along the Corniche as well as green areas and playing areas for children.

On other hand, Dr. Hany praised the university’s role in serving development issues in the governorate, and called for continued fruitful cooperation to serve the people of the governorate.