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Egypt’s Sphinx Airport to Receive Its First Flight on 1 November

Egypt’s Sphinx Airport to Receive Its First Flight on 1 November

Thu 20 Oct 2022 | 11:50 PM

Egypt’s Sphinx airport will receive its first flight on 1 November after its renovation and increasing its capacity to 1,100,000 passengers annually, the Ministry of Civil Aviation said on Thursday.

According to the Ministry of Civil Aviation, one of its affiliated companies, Air Cairo, will operate the first flight from Sharm El-Sheikh airport to Sphinx airport.

Air Cairo, which is a low-cost Egyptian national airline with a fleet of 10 aircrafts, will operate 12 domestic flights weekly between Sphinx and Sharm El-Sheikh airports.

The ministry said more flights will be added gradually and the airport will soon begin receiving international flights.

Following renovation, the airport's total area was increased to 24,000 square metres up from 4500 metres and its capacity increased to 900 passengers/hr up from 300 passengers/hr.

The renovations included providing the airport with a new power plant at a capacity of 7.5 megawatts as well as installing 6 elevators and 8 escalators. In addition, changes included adding 20 passport check counters and 26 check-in counters to the airport.

Egypt has upgraded the airport, inaugurated in January 2020, to receive tourists coming to visit the pyramids and the Grand Egyptian Museum.