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Egypt's Mufti Guide to Prospective Hajj

Tue 14 May 2024 | 01:49 PM
Dr. Shawki Allam
Dr. Shawki Allam
Mohamed Mandour

The Grand Mufti of Egypt, Dr. Shawki Allam, conveyed heartfelt congratulations to both Egyptian and non-Egyptian pilgrims, extending his wishes for success on their sacred journey.

During his interview on preparations for Hajj, broadcasted on Egypt's "Al-Nas" channel, the Grand Mufti emphasized several crucial points:

- Hajj reflects the journey towards the afterlife, necessitating both spiritual and material readiness. Pilgrims are urged to detach from worldly concerns, sincerely repent, and fulfill the necessary conditions for repentance.

- Regarding repentance, if the wrongdoing is against God, one must cease the sin, sincerely repent, and increase devotion. If the wrongdoing involves others, restitution must be made to the rightful owners.

- It is essential to settle debts before embarking on Hajj, including inheritance rights, as delaying or denying them without the consent of other heirs is unlawful.

- Prospective pilgrims are encouraged to return any unresolved rights or grievances to their rightful owners. If unable to locate them, compensation should be provided to their heirs.

- It is crucial to nurture family bonds, seek forgiveness, and engage in virtuous deeds such as Quranic recitation and remembrance of God.