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Egypt's Makarm Announces Launch of "Saving-Life Boats" Initiative in Minya

Mon 28 Sep 2020 | 04:11 PM
Gehan Aboella

On Monday, Minister of State for Immigration Nabila Makram announced the launch of Marakeb El-Nagah "Saving-Life Boats" initiative in Minya governorate, listed among most hit-areas with illegal migration, in order to raise awareness among people on the risks of this phenomenon. The Minister was received by Minya governor Osama El-Kady and a number of executive key figures in the governorate to follow up the implementation of the campaign, citing her visit to Fayoum Governorate as the first leg in the initiative, where she met with youth, school students and mothers, as the most influential groups in the issue of illegal immigration.

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The dangers of insecure migration:

The initiative was assigned directly by President Abdel Fattah El Sisi at the conclusion of the third edition of the World Youth Forum, with the aim of spreading awareness about the dangers of insecure migration to protect Egyptians. Makram also held meetings with a number of residnts in Minya governorate to raise their awareness on the risks of illegal immigration, in addition to reviewing the plans and efforts of the Small and Medium Enterprises Development Authority in the governorate.

She also pointed out to the ministry's plans, in cooperation with the National Council for Women, to educate mothers about the dangers of illegal immigration, support productive villages and prepare expanded training program for young people to qualify them for job opportunities available inside or outside Egypt. She said that she looks forward to making the “Saving-Life Boats" initiative an ideal model for the Egyptian experience globally and to be presented in international forums.

Contributed by Hassanain Tayea