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Egypt's Hadi Eltonsi to Take over Helm at ELFO

Thu 04 Nov 2021 | 12:08 PM
Ahmed Emam

Renowned former Egypt's ambassador Hadi Eltonsi is set to take up his new position in ELFO as Chief of Welfare and Medicine Council.

The Egyptian Ambassador whose Psychiatric work has been recognized globally thanked ELFO President and his colleagues for the kind words of welcome which have been expressed to him as he take up my new position.

In this regard, Eltonsi, who is a notable psychotherapist and distance healer, revealed: "I look forward to working with all of them to make progress on peace, solidarity, human rights, friendship, sports, religion, and ethics among others that serve the inpidual’s interests.

"Our life will be easier when we raise the quality of the inpidual and hence his family, society, and world at large. That is why I was also pleased when President Rikio Kaneko through Linked In honored me with his choice and brilliant idea that my main work in the council would be to explain my profession; which in alignment with the digitalized world is “instant personality development from a distance” to produce immediate leadership mindset anywhere on earth in just 3 hours." Dr. Eltonsi said.

In 1977, two years after graduating from the Faculty of Medicine at Cairo University, the renowned ambassador enrolled in Egypt’s Foreign Ministry where he went on to represent Egypt in Portugal, Bolivia, Panama, Russia, Guatemala, Honduras, and Namibia.




Dr.Hadi Eltonsi

Former Ambassador

and Medical Doctor