Supervisor Elham AbolFateh
Editor in Chief Mohamed Wadie

Egyptian Senate Rejects European Parliament’s Statement

Sat 19 Dec 2020 | 01:24 PM
Omnia Ahmed

The Egyptian Senate rejected, Saturday, the European Parliament’s statement, considering it an offence to the Human Rights file, and a pretext to interfere in Egypt's affairs.

The Senate affirmed that all the defendants, to whom the statement referred, were accused of committing criminal acts, which are punishable by the Egyptian law, according to the legal procedures.

Egypt applies the separation of powers,” the Senate asserted. “Egyptian judiciary is an independent authority, that committed to the constitution, and is not subjected to any power of the executive branch.”

The Senate believes that the statement, issued by the European Parliament, regarding the situation of Human Rights in Egypt, does not have any transparency or objectivity.

It stressed that the European Parliament did not have the right to issue provisions without an objective view, that could  reflect the real image in Egypt, asserting that the state implement the constitution and laws, that are in line with international conventions.

" the state has been keen to adhere to all international standards for dealing with the file, in a way that ultimately guarantees respect for human dignity, reinforcing the principles of respect, and upholding the principles of democracy."

In Article 75, the constitution guaranteed the civil society organizations’ establishment on a democratic basis, granted them legal personality, and prohibited their dissolution except by a court ruling.

It also pointed out that this does not justify anyone using those organizations as a cover to commit crimes against the state, affirming that all the laws of the world do not accept this, especially the European countries, which are suffering from terrorism and fighting against it with all means.