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Egyptian Researcher Promotes Nubian Heritage in China

Tue 22 Jan 2019 | 08:51 PM
Mai Shaheen

By: Mai Shaheen, Taarek Refaat

CAIRO, Jan. 22 (SEE)-With Egyptian-Nubian

features, Afnan Kboush was among the distinguished scholars in the nation of

1.4 billion people, China.

She has become the first

post-graduate student to write a doctoral thesis on “Nubia” in the Chinese


Kboush, a graduate with honors

from the Faculty of Arts at Suez Canal University and holder of a master’s

degree from Beijing Language and Culture University, is the first researcher to

conduct a scientific study on Nubia.

She pointed out that she

disseminated her research and studies through the Chinese WeChat app, which was

noticed by her then Ph.D. thesis supervisor.

In an exclusive interview with

Sada El-Balad English (SEE), the Arts graduate said that the Chinese university

took a keen interest in her thesis proposal due to the lack of sufficient data

on the Nubian culture, traditions, and language in China.

She added: “I studied the Chinese

language in the faculty of arts and received excellent grades in my Bachelor’s

degree.” Kboush pointed out that she found pleasure in learning the language

especially that it involves characters which are similar to the characters of

ancient Egypt.

The Nubian researcher explained

that ethnic studies are the interdisciplinary study of difference; mainly race,

ethnicity, gender, language, customs and traditions, and similarities within

and between human groups.

She explained that she had

received a grant for academic excellence from the Chinese government to

complete her Master’s degree and later awarded the Ph.D. scholarship in

recognition of her outstanding curriculum vitae and her young age.

“I applied for the Ph.D.

scholarship personally without the nomination of my university in Egypt,” she


As for other cultural projects, Kboush,

during her Master’s studies, participated in the national competition between

the embassies, winning the third spot. “It was the first time a Nubian dress

shows up in such competitions,” she noted.

She also sealed the second spot at

another international competition, which included Chinese students among other

nationalities. The competition was broadcast live through Ningxia educational

TV programmes.

To which extent will Egypt benefit

from this scientific research; Kboush explained that she seeks to build

awareness about the true nature of Egypt through enhancing the image of Egypt

and portraying its distinct culture over the ages. She added that she hopes her

research will open the door for knowledge enthusiasts to further discover

Egypt’s versatile cultures, and also to promote tourism in the country.

Worth noting is that Nubia was a

region along the Nile river encompassing the territory between Aswan and

Khartoum. It was the birthplace of one of the earliest civilizations of ancient