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Editor in Chief Mohamed Wadie

Egyptian Opera House Celebrates Miraculous Night Journey

Thu 08 Feb 2024 | 03:51 PM
File Photo -  Cairo Opera House
File Photo - Cairo Opera House
Ahmed Emam

On Thursday, the Cairo Opera House will be celebrating the Miraculous Night Journey under the leadership of Dr. Khaled Dagher, Chairman of the Cairo Opera House. The celebration will take place at 8 pm at the Republic Theater and will be supervised by Maestro Omar Farahat. 

The program will include a selection of the most famous works presented by the Naqshbandi, in addition to a number of traditional and contemporary religious supplications and supplications. 

The event will feature performances by Taha Hussein, Hatem Zayed, Ibrahim Farouk, Ahmed Hassan, Fares Abdel-Al, Bilal Mukhtar, Ahmed Al-Omari, and Hossam Saleh, with preparation and memorization by Mustafa Al-Najdi. 

The artists will perform works such as My Lord, I Say to my nation, O Lord, Your Generosity upon us, the Most Beautiful Names of God, the Night of the Night Journey, pray for him, our honorable Prophet, what should we do, Ahmed, peace be upon the Prophet, Extend, O Prophet, O Supporter of Islam, O Lord, bless our Prophet, O Zain prayer, and Extend, O Messenger of God, the names and attributes of the Messenger.