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Designer Shahira Fahmy Drops New Spring/Summer 2021 Collection

Sat 08 May 2021 | 01:21 AM
Pasant Elzaitony

Egyptian Fashion designer Shahira Fahmy dropped a new Spring/Summer 2021 collection, which was photographed at Zowara Ecolodge, in Fayoum, and arrived with a streamlined appearance inspired by the desert and Bedouins.

[caption id="attachment_237645" align="aligncenter" width="1041"]Fashion designer Shahira Fahmy Fashion designer Shahira Fahmy[/caption]

* Egyptian cotton

The designs were based on distinctive natural materials and relied on 100% pure cotton and 100 % Egyptian linen, which are breathable materials that suitable for summer heat and healthy for the body.

The designer also depended on environmentally friendly and Egyptian-made natural dyes with high quality.

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*Earth tone colors

The new collection featured earth tone colors such as beige, off-white, cumin, black, and brown.

Fahmy blended more than one color in a design and presented practical and visually attractive attires.

She also drew geometrized sketches of the Egyptian desert, especially the Bedouins of the Western Desert.

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* Mix and Match

Fahmy began presenting her designs in 1985 after graduating from the American University in Cairo.

At that time, the popular fashion trend was the matching set, such as the skirt and top set, suit, or dress.

However, she was ahead of her time and created a brand that relies on mix and match pieces, and provided the wearer with the option to don clothes with their own taste and touch.

Fahmy’s designs are masterpieces that feature uniqueness, comfort, and practicality to this day, which was clear in her SS collection.

[caption id="attachment_237654" align="aligncenter" width="1258"]Design by Shahira Fahmy Design by Shahira Fahmy[/caption]

* Comfortable and practical

The designs are comfortable, practical, elegant, and suitable for different generations, as well as young and modest people.

Fahmy presented practical and elegant dresses, long jackets, shawls, and shorts, all made with fine, well-made details that are a testament to the mastery of the Egyptian worker, who was celebrated on Labor Day, which took place on May 1st.

She marked the day on social media by sharing photos with her workers at the factory as a tribute to them, whom we also hail for their high quality and exquisite craftsmanship.

Contributed by Yara Sameh


[caption id="attachment_237647" align="aligncenter" width="1080"]By Shahira Fahmy By Shahira Fahmy[/caption]

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