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Salem Maroof: SMP Hair Tattoos Suitable for Men, Women

Sun 13 Nov 2022 | 12:00 AM
By Pasant Elzaitony

Hair is the crown of man and women, in addition, it a symbol for vitality, and good health.

However, there are several incidents could impact the appearance of the scalp such as hair spaces, impacts of some surgeries, or scars. Those incidents may leave hard feelings for men and women.

In the past a few year, a new technology represented a solution for this problem which is hair tattoo to line some points with the same color of the hair. This technology known is SMP.

Egyption Expert Salem MaroofEgyption Expert Salem Maroof

Egyptian expert Salem Maroof has a wide experience with such technology as he uses the latest upgraded technologies, in addition, he cooperates with several stars, So, I asked him about this technology.

What is SMP technology?

The technology of coloring or tattooing the scalp is a new technology for filling the spaces or the bald areas in the scalp by a device. This device draws several points with the same color of the patient's hair to give a good look for the hair.

Could this technology be an alterative of hair transplantation?

It could be one of the alternatives of hair transportation as it gave the same impression of the presence of hair.

In addition, there are several cases that had SMP sessions after hair transportation.

What are the used material?

Natural inks, and they are transported from US and they are only suitable for the scalp. It differs from the inks used for the eye brows.

For who is this technology suitable?

For any man, and woman who suffer from falling hair, or spaces in the scalp or the beard as the SMP is safe and effective as long it executed by an expert with scalp ink.

What are the steps of the process?

Although the process is painless, the first step is local anesthesia. Next, the area that needed to be inked is marked, then the device will fill this area whether in the front of the sculp, the crown area, or different spaces in the scalp.

People who have light colored hair will be inked for once, however, the inking process is repeated for twice or more for people who have darker hair colors.

Contributed by: Rana Atef