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Egyptian Expats Vote in Parliamentary By-Election

Fri 07 Feb 2020 | 11:57 AM
Basant ahmed

Egyptian communities abroad vote, on Friday, in the parliamentary by-election, as the Egyptian embassies abroad opened their doors for voting at 9:00 AM according to the local time of each country.

The Egyptian embassies abroad receive, today and tomorrow, the members of the Egyptian communities to vote in the parliamentary by-elections of Giza and Mallawi districts.

Every voter can vote by his passport or the national identity card while the place of residence registered in the identity card should be Mallawi or Giza.

Earlier, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs called on the Egyptians expats who are holding a valid national ID card or a passport, to cast their votes in the parliamentary by-election.

The number of the candidates in the parliamentary by-election reached 12 candidates, including 4 candidates in Giza district, and 8 others in Mallawi.

The final list of the Giza district includes: prominent businessman Mohamed Mohamed Mohamed Aboul Enein, who adopts the pen symbol, Hisham Mohamed Badawy Sayed, who adopts the Lion Symbol, Al-Amir Moussa Ahmed Ali Mohamed, who adopts the Horse Symbol, and Magdy El Sayed El-Sayed Yassin Mahmoud, who adopts the palm of the hand symbol.

The final list of the Mallawi district includes: Abdullah Muhammad Abdullah Khalifa, who adopts the Horse Symbol, Ahmed Jamal Ahmed Moussa, who adopts the Knife Symbol, Zahir Nageh Zahir Qalini, who adopts the Gun symbol, Osama Abdel Shakour Hamza Dardir, who adopts hammer symbol, Salah Ismail Ali Matar, who adopts Rooster symbol, Muhammad Abd al-Hakim Abu Zaid Rashdan, who adopts the pen symbol, , and Shenouda Boules Gad al-Sayyid Bebawi, who adopts gazelle  symbol.

The by-election is scheduled to start inside Egypt on February 11 and 12.