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Egyptian-Chinese FMs Discuss Ways of Cooperation

Sun 15 Jan 2023 | 03:28 PM
By Ahmad El-Assasy

Foreign Minister Sameh Shoukry praised the cooperation relations with the People's Republic of China. He also praised the mechanisms that link the leadership of the two countries to set a vision for achieving common interests between Cairo and Beijing, and achieving the role of peace and stability.

During a joint conference with the Chinese Foreign Minister Chen Jiakang, Shoukry added that the Chinese role plays an important role in the Security Council. He pointed to the importance of strengthening cooperation to uphold the principles on which relations are based in light of joint coordination away from double standards.

The Foreign Minister explained that the work between the two countries is taking place on the basis of joint cooperation, non-interference and common interest.

He pointed out the importance of cooperation in promoting development cooperation, and Egypt will work in communication and joint work with China at all levels.

The Egyptian Foreign Minister affirmed the existence of prospects for joint cooperation between the two countries, explaining that the talks touched on the Palestinian issue and its developments with the Chinese role in supporting the rights of the Palestinian people, the two-state solution and achieving stability in the region.

Shoukry confirmed that the file of the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD) was discussed with the Chinese minister, the need to reach a binding legal agreement, the rejection of unilateral measures, and the aspiration for a supportive Chinese role in this context, as well as consultations on the food and energy crisis, which are major issues that were addressed in the talks.

The Chinese Foreign Minister said that the countries of the Middle East have been working over the past years to develop their countries during this period

He referred to some countries experiencing unrest as a result of external interference in their internal affairs. He called for resolving political crises on the basis of a political solution between countries, away from external interference.

The Chinese minister stressed the need to support countries in combating terrorism. He called on foreign countries not to interfere in the affairs of Middle Eastern countries, and to let these countries solve their crises.

Jiakang stressed his country's support for resolving the crises afflicting the Middle East region by working to strengthen economic cooperation, and put forward an initiative to establish international peace and security in the region. 

The Chinerse minister confirmed that his country is working to cooperate with the countries of the Middle East to defend their common interests.

The Chinese Foreign Minister praised the great Egyptian role in the Middle East region, and cooperation with other countries in various fields.