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Egypt, UNFPA Discuss Cooperation

Mon 13 May 2024 | 10:48 PM
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Decent Life Slogan
Ahmed Emam

The Assistant Foreign Minister for International and Regional Multilateral Economic Affairs, Ambassador Ragy el-Etrieby, stated that cooperation with the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) should focus on areas such as housing, development, and empowering women. This is in support of the state's efforts to implement the "Decent Life" and "Noura" presidential initiatives.

During a meeting between the Egyptian diplomat and the United Nations Assistant Secretary-General and Deputy Executive Director of UNFPA, Diene Keita, they discussed the long-standing cooperation between Egypt and the fund since 1972. They also talked about the launch of the 11th Country Programme for Egypt (2023-2027) by the UNFPA in June 2023.

The meeting took place at the premises of the Foreign Ministry, and Etrieby welcomed Keita's first visit to Egypt. Keita said that the UNFPA supports housing, development, and empowering women, as well as the presidential initiatives of "Decent Life" and "Noura". 

She also expressed her eagerness to meet with the concerned minister.

The two sides discussed current UN discussions on housing and development, which are taking place in New York. 

They also talked about Egypt's role in championing the interests of African and developing countries. Additionally, the meeting addressed the exacerbated humanitarian crises in both the Gaza Strip and Sudan.

Etrieby highlighted Egypt's strenuous efforts at the humanitarian and relief levels regarding the crises in Gaza and Sudan. Keita praised Egypt's efforts in this regard and expressed eagerness for continuing coordination and joint action between Egypt and the UNFPA towards containing the fast-paced deterioration of the aforementioned crises.