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Sisi: Egypt to Negotiate with Ethiopia over Filling Renaissance Dam

Tue 30 Jul 2019 | 10:06 PM
Ahmed Moamar

President Abdel Fattah El Sisi commented on Tuesday on the crisis related to the construction of Renaissance Dam in Ethiopia and the Egyptian position on this matter.

He  addressed the participants at today’s session of simulation of the Egyptian state, which was held within the National Youth Conference.

He said that the state should be fully prepared to negotiate with Ethiopia  and offer solutions on this issue.

Necessity of agreement

President Sisi went on to say that it is necessary to agree with the brothers in Ethiopia on the period of filling the reservoir of the dam.

"In such a way that we can afford the damage and we must estimate the amount of water that we can bear loss, which we can agree on," he said.

It is worth to mention that on Tuesday evening, the seventh National Youth Conference was inaugurated in the New Administrative Capital.

1500  Youths

About 1500 young people from different governorates of Egypt attend that version of the conference.

A ceremony will be held tomorrow to mark the graduation of the first batch of the Presidential Program for the Rehabilitation of African Youth, which includes participants from 29 African countries.

The ceremony will also include the first conference of an initiative " Hayat Karima-  Dignified  Life” and another session of an initiative  called the "Ask the President".

The president to answer youth questions

During that session the president will answer the questions of the youths he received through the website and the social media pages of the conference.

He expressed his admiration for asking a question to the head of the Egyptian state simulation government at the youth conference.

The question is what will happen if one of the important straits is closed along with hiking of fuel prices?

The president answered that those matters belong to the future and the challenges facing the state.

He affirmed that and we must develop direct solutions to those challenges.